Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
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The Standing Committee

The Standing Committee has several functions.  It acts as the Bishop's Council of Advice (Article VII.2);  approves actions that encumber real property/equipment of the church; approves indebtedness for current expenses in excess of 20% of the previous year’s receipts for current expenses; approves requests to elect bishops; approves the election of bishops; and, approves candidates for Holy Orders. It is composed of four lay and four clerical members, has a (4) year term that begins and ends at the annual convention. The Standing Committee serves as the Ecclesiastical Authority in the absence of a bishop.

Please direct all questions to the Standing Committee to its president, Ms. Sarah Peters.


Name Role Details Term Contact
Joe Daboll-Lavoie Elected
2018 to 2022 jdaboll6@naz.edu
Very Rev. Kenneth Pepin Elected
2019 to 2023 kenstlfpt@gmail.com
Michael Davis Elected
2019 to 2023 mjd1818@gmail.com
Rev. Leslie Burkardt Elected
2018 to 2022 leslie@stthomasrochester.org
Rev. Cameron Miller Elected
2017 to 2021 rcammiller@gmail.com
Carolyn Mok Elected
2017 to 2021 dokmok@gmail.com
Rev. Robert Picken President Elected
2016 to 2020 rpicken@stpaulsec.org
Susan Woodhouse Elected
2016 to 2020 sjw@frontiernet.net

Meeting Minutes