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The Dept. of Homeland Security provides printable & video resources

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"Options for Consideration" Active Shooter Preparedness Video

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Click for an animated video that might be easier for some to watch.


Threat and Violence Resources

With the many occasions of gun violence, here are various resources including those from the Department of Homeland Security for you to review for your parish.  Creating a plan in case of a threat or attack in your parish is most important!  Please reach out if you need any other assistance.

The Dept. of Homeland Security provides printable & video resources
Click for an animated video that might be easier for some to watch.

Active Shooter Preparedness documents.
It's imperative to have a Emergency Action Plan.  Here are worksheets for you to create an Emergency Action Plan.

In this dynamic threat environment, it is also important that organizations not only prepare their staff to respond to a potential incident, but also collectively determine the processes through which the organization and its staff recover from an incident.  Please review the Active Shooter Recovery Guide.