Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
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Apply May 1st - August 1st for Diocesan Mission Grants

Parish, Partnership & Sustainable Development Goals Grants

OPEN 6/1/2020 Nominations for Diocesan Elective Offices Opens

August ~ Summer Pre-Convention 1st draft 2021 Budget & more 

Zoom Meetings to be scheduled soon!

7/30/20 Nominations for Diocesan Elective Offices Close

7/19-7/25/20 Canceled College for Congregational Development Week

7/24/20 Canceled Episcopal Night At Frontier Field with ESLC

Fall Pre-Convention Final 2020 Budget Review ~TBD ~  Virtual Convention Oct. 31st


10/16-10/17/20 College for Congregational Development Weekend #3

11/20-11/21/20 College for Congregational Development Weekend #4