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Intake Officer & Disciplinary Board

By virtue of Baptism, all members of the Church are called to holiness of life and accountability to one another. The Episcopal Diocese of Rochester supports its members in their life in Christ and seeks to resolve conflicts by promoting healing, repentance, forgiveness, restitution, justice, amendment of life and reconciliation among all involved or affected. Title IV of the Constitution & Canons of the Episcopal Church applies to Members of the Clergy, who have by their vows at ordination accepted additional responsibilities and accountabilities for doctrine, discipline, worship and obedience.

VIDEO - "Understanding Title IV"

For more information about Title IV, read this summary or view a training presentation.

If you are concerned that a member of the clergy has committed an offense as defined by Title IV, you are encouraged to report that concern directly to the Intake Officer of the Diocese, who independently evaluates such complaints.

Intake Officer 


Rev. Lance Robbins

(585) 872-2281

The Intake Officer receives complaints about the behavior of clergy and independently evaluates the appropriate course of action. When he/she deems it appropriate, the Intake Officer can and does refer cases to the Diocesan Disciplinary Board or to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Any person knowing or reasonably believing an offense may have been committed by a member of clergy is encouraged to make such complaint known to an Intake Officer.

Violation of Canon Law: Disciplinary Board

The Disciplinary Board is charged with implementing a multi-level resolution process and, if necessary, hearing cases related to the violation of Canon Law (non-criminal) within the church. See the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester's Constitution & Canons, as well as this summary and training presentation about Title IV.

Members of the Disciplinary Board are elected by the Convention. Each member shall serve a three year term; except, if a member is elected to fill a vacancy, the term of such member shall be the unexpired term of the member being replaced. The terms of the members shall commence immediately following election. The terms of office of the Disciplinary Board shall be staggered and arranged into three classes. The first class shall consist of two members (one Clergy, one Lay), the second class shall consist of two (members (one Clergy, one Lay), and the third class shall consist of three members (two Clergy, one Lay).


Name Role Details Term Contact
Rev. Cn. Dr. Denise Yarbrough Esq President Elected 2018 to 2021 dyarbrough1024@gmail.com
Harry Merryman Elected 2018 to 2021 hmerrym1@rochester.rr.com
Rev. Richard Hamlin Elected 2019 to 2022 hamlinhill@verizon.net
Catherine Cerulli Elected 2019 to 2022 Catherine_Cerulli@URMC.Rochester.edu
Rev. Jimmie Sue Deppe Elected
2020 to 2023 jsadeppe@gmail.com
Rev. Richard Krapf Elected
2020 to 2023 rkrapf@rochester.rr.com
Abraham Steiner Elected
2020 to 2023 abaskety@yahoo.com