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Managing Anxiety

Diocesan Check-In with Bishop Singh on 6/25. the topic was Dealing with Stressful times. Watch video

CPG's Walk and Be Well, 28 Day Program

We can change our lives by walking. A walk brings us closer to better overall health and improved well-being by allowing us time for reflection while we exercise our bodies. We learn about the importance of walking in our lives  - and how regular walking can lead to improved physical, psychological and spiritual health - from coaches, doctors, and even our faith traditions. Taking the time for a regular walking program can lead us into new relationships with ourselves, with others and with God. 

While the endless and ever changing coronavirus news cycle might leave you feeling helpless, there are ways to successfully manage your anxiety. CPG has collaborated with Cigna to share strategies for staying informed, coping with stress, and finding emotional support if you need it.

Topics include:

  • Normal reactions and recommended responses for coping
  • Finding emotional support if you need it
  • How your Employee Assistance Program can help

NYS Free Guided Meditations

C.A.R.E.S. ~ Small Business Loan ~ Paycheck Protection Program

Digital sharing resources for: online services, meetings and gatherings 

For users organizing public group meetings such as church services on video conferencing with Zoom, BBB strongly encourages hosts to review their settings and confirm that only they can share their screen. This will prevent any outside disruption from the main video feed on a public session.  Use a unique ID for large or public Zoom calls.  When you create a Zoom account, the app assigns users a Personal Meeting ID (PMI). When hosting a large Zoom call where members of the public are attending, it’s better to use a one-time code rather than a user’s PMI. If not, hijackers can use the PMI to try and jump in on your Zoom calls at any time.

Online Worship Resources and more

Morning Prayer

Links to services around the Diocese

(EDOR churches - send in your online link if you want to share!)

  • Washington National Cathedral  https://cathedral.org/worship/

    As the Cathedral remains closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, we invite you to join our online services:

  • Morning Service of Prayer, Sunday Online Holy Eucharist (webcast live at 11:15 am EDT)

Pastoral Care Guidelines for this season from Bishop Singh

(with advice from our Diocesan Pastoral Crisis Response Resource team)

  • Share your church contact list discretely with vestry members.
  • Vestries - divide membership list into clusters for periodic pastoral check-ins via telephone or video platform (facetime, Zoom, etc.) beginning with those who are alone or isolated. Make sure you keep your priest informed of sensitive situations. Sending a card or text will brighten someone’s day.
  • Video conferencing: Speak slowly, clearly and with added expression. Make eye contact with the camera.
  • Visiting the sick and the dying in hospitals and homes: Do not visit! Use phone, FaceTime, or another video option to contact them and loved ones. Follow the same      protocol for home visits.
  • Deacon Sue Ouelette (815-751-0251 or seo831@aol.com) serves as Chaplain at Strong Memorial Hospital. She would be willing to visit your parishioner as able and even help you video chat with them when possible. Kindly contact Sue in your local hospital for such pastoral assistance.
  • Funerals, Burials and Weddings: Postpone all gatherings. Feel free to call Bishop Singh to discern exceptional situations. Memorial services may be scheduled on a later date.
  • 10 Additionsl Guidelines for Pastoral Care During the Coronavirus Outbreak 


Diocesan Staff is working from their homes and are available and ready to assist. 

Staff Contact Information

Contact Steve Richards via email for assistance in setting up online worship


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Do you have questions on disaster relief from COVID-19?  

Go to Episcopal Relief & Development’s US Disaster Program or email specific questions HERE

Monroe County Health Department Talking Points

County Executive Adam Bello's mask making video

CDC - Center for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC proper cloth face covering, washing instructions, and instructions for making homemade masks

New York State Department of Health