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Zoom Invitation: How Episcopalians Can Respond to Gun Violence

President Biden signed the bipartisan gun safety bill that passed the Senate on Thursday and the House of Representatives on Friday. That accomplishment--the most significant federal gun bill in nearly 30 years--comes on the heels of Thursday's Supreme Court decision that strikes down New York State's concealed carry law--a move that law enforcement officials expect will increase gun violence. 

On Tuesday, June 28 at 8 p.m. Eastern on Zoom, Bishops United Against Gun Violence will host "Doing Our Part: How Episcopalians Can Respond to Gun Violence in Our Communities and States." This event is for bishops and all Episcopalians who are concerned about gun safety to learn about what we can do in our states to limit the damage of the recent Supreme Court ruling; realize the promise of the proposed new federal law; and respond when gun violence happens in our communities and states. 

Please help us spread the word about this public event in your dioceses--all of the information is on our website: bishopsagainstgunviolence.org/doing-our-part-how-episcopalians-can-respond-to-gun-violence-in-our-communities-and-states/

And please register to join the Zoom meeting:


When we gather on Tuesday evening, we will:

Learn about advocacy for state laws that further strengthen gun safety and take advantage of the federal bill’s funding for state red flag laws, which let judges take weapons from people who post a threat to themselves or others.

Review four General Convention resolutions sponsored by Bishops United Against Gun Violence that can help the Episcopal Church strengthen its advocacy for common sense gun reform. (Resolutions B003B006B007B009)

Lament the beloved children of God who have died from gun violence by praying a new liturgy developed by bishops for responding to gun violence in our communities.

Speakers will include Bishops United co-conveners Bishop Bonnie Perry of Michigan, Bishop Ian Douglas of Connecticut, and Bishop Daniel Gutiérrez of Pennsylvania. Bishop Deon Johnson will lead our prayers; Bishops Rayford Ray and Prince Singh will join Bishop Perry to discuss common-sense gun law advocacy happening in the four Michigan Episcopal dioceses; and Bishop Sean Rowe of Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania will share a first-hand story about responding when gun violence happens in a community. Bishop Glenda Curry of Alabama will also speak. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Thank you for your commitment to Bishops United.