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Storm Inspires Social Media Sunday!

Just over a week ago, we saw the largest snow storm to date for this winter season.  Unfortunately, it came on the weekend, and a number of our parishes had to cancel services and gatherings.  In this age of technology, clergy and leadership utilized their websites, texts, social media and email to alert parishioners of cancellations and postponements.  A few more utilized social media to offer rescourses and even live services to keep folks safe at home and out of the storm.  Here are just a few of the ways we were still able to share our faith in action on a stormy weekend!  (Click on the links for more!)

Leadership from Bishop Singh


Facebook Live service at St. Michael's, Geneseo with Rev. Billy Daniel


Facebook Live morning prayer at St. Paul's, Rochester with Rev. Rob Picken


From Rev. Cam Miller, Trinity Place.  "Geneva was open for service at 10am. Our Annual Parish Meeting was scheduled for last Sunday and we were going to have a Winter BBQ as part of it. That was rescheduled days in advance but I sent out an announcement that since I could walk to church we would be open.
2 folks skied to church, the rest of us walked via the plowed streets, and altogether 8 folk share Eucharist together and hung out for coffee, muffins, and some fantastic chocolates one of them brought."  


Rev. Cam Miller also reflected about his concerns while preparing his sermon, knowing the impending storm might limit his audience.  

It's a very interesting read   - "In Search of the Golden Number"