Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
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Office of the Chancellor

The Chancellor provides confidential or public advice on canonical or legal matters to the Bishop, Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, and Diocesan Convention at their request, but not to the Diocese or parishes. With this said, there are parish matters (approval of bylaw amendments) and Diocesan matters (review of resolutions) the Chancellor must review, and on a number of matters, at the request of the Bishop or diocesan staff, the Chancellor will advise the Diocese. 

Canonically, the chancellor is an ex officio member of the Diocesan Council and has seat, voice and vote (except for a vote by orders) at the Diocesan Convention.

Chancellor Fileri, at the Bishop’s request, serves as parliamentarian at Diocesan Convention; but this is not a canonical role, but one by request.

Also, by appointment by the Bishop and approval of the Convention, Chancellor Fileri currently serves as Chair of the Constitutions & Canons Committee. Most recently, pursuant to this role, he oversaw the implementation of New Title IV Clergy Discipline, and with the Rev. Jim Adams, as President of the Disciplinary Board, delivered the clergy training in late 2012 and early 2013.

Finally, the Chancellor must certify the Diocese’s election of a Bishop.

Philip R. Fileri, Esq.Chancellor
Paul Greene, Esq.Assistant Chancellor
Thomas Wright, Esq.Assistant Chancellor