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Latest Update on the McKelvey Millennium Ministry Development Fund

When Bishop McKelvey retired, the Diocese was good enough to raise a considerable amount of money to say thank you to Linda and Jack. The money is to fund a program entitled the McKelvey Millennium Ministry Development Fund . Since 2009, they have granted gifts of approximately 5,000 dollars each year for ministries around the world. A large part of the gifting has been for Water For South Sudan. Other gifts include a babies home in Ghana and Disaster Relief in Haiti a few years ago. They are also funding a brand new ministry in Haiti sponsored by Christian Veterinary Mission ,housed in Seattle, WA. Wayne and Lisa Hassinger have left and now are in Haiti. Wayne is a University of Pennsylvania trained Veterinarian. He and his family will be living in Haiti for at least three years. Wayne will do his veterinarian practice but his major job will be to develop and manage a program to train Veterinarian Agents. They are similar to physicians assistants and allow for the development of several people to help care for animals in their communities. This is terribly important as Haiti works to move beyond their most recent natural disasters.

Here is an update letter from Wayne to Bishop McKelvey from Haiti.