Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
Joy in Christ, a way of life

Elections from Convention 84

Standing Committee, Clerical  - Elect (2) Clergy

The Very Rev. Richard L. Hamlin, St. Paul’s, Angelica, Christ Church, Cuba

The Rev. Virginia Mazzarella, St. Paul’s Lutheran, Dansville, Zion, Cohocton (fulfilling term that ends in 2017)

Standing Committee, Lay - Elect (1) Lay

Sarah Peters, St. George’s, Hilton

Trustee - Elect (4 clerical or lay)

The Rev. John T. Burr, St. Luke and St. Simon, Rochester

Gilbert Ferris, St. Thomas, Bath

Leslie W. Kernan, Jr. Esq., St. Paul’s, Rochester

Susan J. Scanlon, Esq., St. Thomas, Rochester

Diocesan Council, Clergy-at-Large - Elect (3) Clergy-at-Large

The Rev. Dan Burner, St. Mark’s, Penn Yan

The Rev. William O. Daniel, Jr. Ph.D., St. Michael’s, Geneseo

The Rev. Joshua Walters, Christ Church, Pittsford

Commission on Ministry, Clerical -  Elect (3) Clergy

The Rev. Kelly Ayer, Zion, Avon

The Rev. Andrew D’Angio White, NEPM, Wayne County

The Rev. Ken Pepin, Grace, Scottsville and St. Andrew’s Caledonia

Commission on Ministry, Lay - Elect (3) Lay

Allison Bourne, St. Peter’s Henrietta

James Garner, St. Michael’s Geneseo

Keisha Stokes, Good Shepherd, Webster

Disciplinary Board - Elect (2) Clergy

The Rev. Mary Ann Brody, St. Stephen’s, Rochester

The Rev. Daniel M. Linnenberg, University of Rochester, Supply Priest

Disciplinary Board  - Elect (1) Lay 

Jeremy Cooney, Esq., Christ Church, Rochester