Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
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Convention 90

2021 Convention 90 

October 30, 2021

Venue TBD

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2022 1st Draft Budget Pre-Convention ZOOM Meeting June 10th, 6 - 7 pm


2021 Nominations begin May 1, 2021

Is God calling you to serve as a Diocesan Leader?

Roles and Responsibilities of Elective Offices

Terms Expired 

2021 Nominations Form

Who can nominate? Clergy, Wardens, Vestry Members & Delegates 


                                                                                Open Positions for Diocesan Elective Offices                                                                                     

Trustees - Elect 3 Lay or Clergy

Standing Committee - Elect 1 Lay and 1 Clergy

Diocesan Council - Elect 3 Clergy  & (Each District, Delegates will elect 1 lay)

Commission on Ministry - Elect 3 Lay

Disciplinary Board - Elect 1 Lay and 1 Clergy



Documents from Convention 89


Rules of Order

ZOOM Process Document: Roberts Rules of Order  

"Meet the Nominees" 

Pre-Selection Worksheet 

Amendment to the Rules of Order

Consent Agenda

Bishop's Address video

Bishop's Address written

Convention 88 Minutes

2019  Diocesan Audit

2020 Finance, Budget and Apportionment Slides

2021 Final Budget

2021 Parish Apportionment

Official Reports

Elected Positions - Expired Terms

Standing Committees

Resolution A Approved in 2019 (2020 Resolution: submit to General Convention as a Memorial)

Courtesy Resolutions

Episcopal SeniorLife Communities Annual Report