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Convention 85

Seeing the Face of God in Each Other
November 5, 2016
Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Geneva

Convention 85 Evaluations

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Budget Passed with Amendment

Diocesan Convention passed the Proposed 2017 Budget with an amendment increasing the Retiree Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) line item by $19,200 to $60,200, raising the HRA funding to $900 per eligible retiree this year (see Approved 2017 Diocesan Budget with Amendment).

The amendment creates a $19,200 budget deficit for 2017, which will be addressed by Diocesan Council.

Election Results - Convention 85

Election results from Convention 85 are online!

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The Rev. Andrea Stridiron Named Convention Secretary

The 85th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester has confirmed the Rev. Andrea Stridiron to serve as Convention Secretary for the Diocese of Rochester. Appointed by Bishop Singh and Standing Committee, Stridiron also serves as deacon at St. Thomas', Rochester.

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2016 Convention Address by Bishop Singh

Download audio of Bishop Singh's address


EDOR Resolution A: Grace Church Lyons Convention Resolution -- Passed

EDOR Resolution B: Dissolution of St. Pauls, Montour Falls -- Passed

General Convention Resolutions

Download PDF: General Convention Resolutions B011, D003, D008

(Pursuant to Canon I.1.1 (e), the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Church in every Diocese, as well the Secretary of the Convention of every Diocese, must be given notice whenever any alteration of the Book of Common Prayer or of the Constitution is proposed. The 78th General Convention proposed three changes to the Constitution, linked above.)

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