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Bishop Singh Honored for Aid to Farmworkers

Congratulations are in order for Bishop Prince G. Singh!  The Bishop was honored last night at the Rural & Migrant Ministry Dinner, held at the Temple B'rith Kodesh.  Click this link for the article posted in the Democrat and Chonicle on the event.  

Here is the story written by Rural & Migrant Minitry...

Rural & Migrant Ministry is honored to carry forth the work of the Rev. George Exley-Stiegler. Through his ministry as an Episcopal priest George blazed a trail for a ministry of social transformation within the farmworker communities of western New York.  With his passing in 2013 we were honored to create an award in his name, and to bestow it upon those who have lived into his witness.
This year we raise the witness of the Rt Rev. Prince Singh with and among the rural families, especially farmworkers throughout New York State.  Through his leadership of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester, as well as his leadership within the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School and Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Bishop Singh has been a drum major for justice. Many of us have been inspired by his witness and words at numerous rallies, marches and vigils, as he has stood with those whom the government and society have sought to disenfranchise.
There are several moments that especially stick out in our mind at Rural & Migrant Ministry.  One is his tremendous vision in shepherding the transition of Grace Church, Lyons into the Liturgia Retreat and Worker Education Center.  The Center is an emerging center for social transformation that has welcomed workers and allies from across the Country and beyond. And, we might note, that Bishop Singh even helped paint a part of the Center!  We are also deeply moved that when Bishop Singh had a sabbatical a few years back, he decided to spend a week of the sabbatical with RMM shadowing our executive director, Richard Witt, across the State. He went to Justice For Farmworker Coalition meetings in New York City, toured farm camps across the State, visited with youth in the Catskills and even participated in role plays with young leaders as they prepared to take on the Border Patrol.
There is so much more that we could say about the witness of Bishop Prince Singh, but we will simply say that on behalf of all of us at Rural & Migrant Ministry, we express our deepest gratitude and acknowledge we would not be where we are today without his vision and partnership

- Rural & Migrant Ministry