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Racial Reconciliation, Healing and Justice





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Racial Reconciliation, Healing and Justice

When you hear this phrase, you may automatically think, “I am not a racist, so why would I need it?” But the evidence of stories and studies in our society is clear: The toxic, heartbreaking effects of not only overt historic and systemic racial oppression, but also the subtle, unconscious habituated kind, are still powerfully alive in our culture.

The Church cannot be idle in the effort to combat these forces, any more than we can overlook our complicity in them. One of the most pernicious aspects of racial oppression is the way it will grow, rather than go away if not addressed. So, like our training programs on spotting and preventing sexual abuse, Racial Reconciliation, Healing and Justice is designed to bring each of us back into the fight against the injustice, marginalization and simple ignorance that perpetuate the problem.  

Training is required, by Diocesan resolution, for elected lay leadersdelegates to Diocesan Convention, and clergy.



Resources & Reading 

If you have registered to participate in an upcoming training, please download and read the materials linked below:

Racism, Our Church and Our Region 2018

Why, as Christians We Must Oppose Racism

The Sin of Racism 2006

The Sin of Racism 1994

Resolution A125

Diocesan Resolution C - 2008


To request information about training, or to join our efforts, please contact this Diocese