The Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
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Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry (COM) advises and assists the Bishop in determining present and future opportunities and needs for the ministry of all baptized persons in the Diocese; in recruiting and selecting persons for Holy Orders; and in guiding and examining Postulants, Candidates, and Deacons in training for priesthood. The COM provides financial assistance for the continuing education of clergy and lay professionals. The COM also assists parishes in discerning appropriate candidates for Holy Orders.

To faciliate its work, the COM is divided into these committees:

  • Laity Committee 
  • Diaconate Committee 
  • Priesthood Committee

The process of ordination to the priesthood in the Diocese of Rochester is described in detail in "The Commission on Ministry: Vocational Discernment Handbook."

By diocesan canon, the COM is both elected and appointed. There may be no more than 15 nor less than 9 members, and no more than a simple majority may be clergy or lay. Terms are three years. After serving two terms, a member must rotate off for at least one year. A simple majority of the members are elected at Convention. The remaining membership is appointed by the Bishop.

 The COM meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month, from 5 - 7 p.m. Committees may have additional meetings.


Name Role Details Subcomittees Term Contact
The Rev. Kenneth Pepin Chair Elected 2015 to 2018
Marlene Allen Elected 2014 to 2017
The Rev. Kelly Ayer Elected 2015 to 2018
Allison Bourne Elected 2015 to 2018
The Rev. Krista Cameron Elected 2014 to 2017
The Rev. Andrew D'Angio White Elected Priesthood 2015 to 2018
The Rev. Jimmie Sue Deppe Elected 2016 to 2019
The Rev. Barbara Fornalik Elected 2014 to 2017
Dave Galleher Elected 2014 to 2017
The Very Rev. Dahn Gandell Elected 2016 to 2019
James Garner Elected 2015 to 2018
Keisha Stokes Elected 2015 to 2018
Robin Yergeau Elected 2016 to 2019