Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
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Marriage Rites Resolution

The House of Deputies voted Monday to approve Resolution B012, Marriage Rites for the Whole Church. This Resolution makes marriage rites available to all persons, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, to be available until the Book of Common Prayer undergoes a comprehensive revision. The resolution also charges the Standing Committee on Liturgy and Music (SCLM) to consider how to make the Catechism and Marriage rites inclusive of the spirit of this resolution.


This particular resolution was by no means unanimously received, with representatives from Puerto Rico questioning if they would be able to remain in the Episcopal Church, as well as others questioning whether the resolution goes far enough. Amendments to Resolution B012 were offered to make B012 more palpable to our ecumenical partners and those who do not support same sex marriage in the Episcopal Church.


Debate was, as it always is in the House, limited, and when one deputy called for extension it was voted down by the House. Immediately following, the Chair of the House of Deputies asked if there was any further comments or questions. Immediately, and what was felt to be a call and response by many, thunder rolled down upon the Austin Convention Center, stirring much commotion as God announced his presence with us. Whether it was in favor or against the resolution was unclear, but it was certainly cause enough to wonder.


The Resolution now goes before the House of Bishops.