Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
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Diocesan Reading Program Guidelines


Prepared by the Diocesan Reading Program Committee

The Diocesan Reading Program (DRP) has been created to support Bishop Singh’s year-long pilgrimage ”Seeing the Face of God in Each Other” which will culminate with a healing Service of Repentance and Reconciliation for the sin of racism which will be held at the Rochester Diocesan Convention in November 2016. Twelve books which address aspects of racism in the United States have been selected to assist us in traveling on this journey. Each parish will select which three of these books in 2016 it wishes to read and discuss prior to the 2016 Convention.

Below are some steps that need to be taken to assist you in creating a reading program on a timely basis at your parish. You, having been asked to organize and lead the DRP within your parish, should

  • Contact DRP Committee liaison Richard Reid via e-mail (preferred) using writer2363@gmail.com or telephone if e-mail is not available (585-347-4839) to provide the liaison with contact information necessary to receive future communications from the DRP Committee (including promotional materials to help you publicize the DRP in your parish).
  • Select (by whatever means best suits your parish) which three books you will read and discuss at your parish in 2016 and in what sequence.
  • Set dates for discussion groups to meet three times during 2016:
    • 1st meeting range: last week in Feb. 2016 to first two weeks of March 2016
    • 2nd meeting range: last two weeks of May 2016/first week in June 2016
    • 3rd meeting range: last week of September 2016/first two weeks in Oct. 2016
  • Once DRP parish leaders have provided contact information to DRP liaison Richard Reid, they will receive a promotional flyer from him which can be used to promote the reading program at their parish.
  • Fell free to join a discussion meeting with one or more other parishes discussing the same book at the same time. (The DRP liaison can help you with this.)