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2015 Diocesan Budget

2015 Budget - 2nd Draft

Budget Documents:

Diocesan Council has approved a second draft of the 2015 Budget. It is published on the diocesan website and contains an explanation slide of changes you'll see in this draft.

2015 Budget - 1st Draft


2015 Draft Budget: Theological Framing

Dear saints,

We present the first draft of our diocesan budget with its aspirations and challenges.  As I see it, there are three themes that frame our budget process.  They are gratitude, stewardship, and responsibility. 

Budget Summary: A letter from the Diocesan Council Budget Committee

Our mission statement, “Grow and develop congregations spiritually, numerically and in missional leadership”, is the fundamental guidepost that Council, the Bishop and Staff use to align our resources for growth. The two primary committees of Council, Congregational Development Partnership and Mission Grants, continue to provide the focus for most of the work of Council. This year, Council formed a new Budget Committee and also worked with the HR Committee to form a Health Insurance Policy Task Force. These two groups are helping us address two of the most critical resource areas in our budget: Staff and Benefits. Together, we share this FIRST DRAFT of our 2015 Diocesan Budget for your consideration and feedback.

Budget Documents: