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RFP: Broker Services for 935 East Ave., Rochester

Criteria for Broker Selection: 935 East Ave., Rochester

  • Extensive experience marketing both residential and commercial properties
  • Successful track-record of sales of similar properties in the area
  • Well developed, thoughtful and innovative marketing plan
  • Expertise in dealing with historic districts and property developers
  • Fee structure

RFP Requirements

  • Complete written response received by 5:00 PM, Friday, July 8th 2016.
  • Please provide a description of your firm’s work in this area of the City of Rochester, including contact information and bios of persons who will be involved in this work.
  • Please describe your firm’s experience within the last three years of marketing similar properties in the area, including at least (3) specific property examples (address, size, listing price, final selling price, days on the market, etc.).
  • Please describe your experience working with marketing properties in a historic district and working with developers of similar properties in the last three years.
  • Please provide at least three references for work done by your firm, in marketing similar properties in the last three years.
  • Please provide any other specific information that you feel would be helpful to the Diocese in making this selection decision.
  • The marketing plan should include specific recommendations to optimize the sale of the property, including timeline and any related costs.
  • Please detail your fee structure and any other expenses the Diocese would incur for your services.

Structure of the Organization

The Episcopal Diocese of Rochester was formed in 1931 and is made up of 46 congregations, across eight counties running from Lake Ontario to the Pennsylvania line.  The Diocesan office is located at 935 East Avenue in Rochester, a property owned by the Diocese, along with several chapels and small churches across the Diocese.

The Diocese is led by The Rt. Rev. Dr. Prince G. Singh who serves as the Eighth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester, New York.

The Trustees of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester are responsible for the prudent management of assets of the Diocese and must approve the sale of Diocesan assets.


935 East Ave - Fact Sheet

935 East Ave - Broker RFP

Responding to the RFP

Brokers intending to respond to this RFP should confirm their intent via e-mail to Todd Rubiano, so that we may provide you with house tour information (invitation only).

Todd Rubiano, CFO of the Diocese 585.794.9229 todd@episcopaldioceseofrochester.org