Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
Joy in Christ, a way of life

I continue to marvel at the privilege of being called to serve Christ with you

May 11, 2008

Dear saints,

Greetings of Pentecost! Oh… the possibilities….

It has been over a month since we said our heart wrenching goodbyes to the saints of St. Alban’s in NJ where we had served for nearly eight years. I have moved into an apartment in Rochester since then. Moving into Rochester has been tough, mostly because I miss my family, but also filled with grace because of the many kindnesses received. I have been busy engaging and shadowing Bishop McKelvey while also planning with a diligent team and the amazing staff at D-House for the ordination/consecration as your chief servant-in-Christ on May 31, 2008 at 11 AM at the Eastman Theatre.

There are several layers of preparation for this celebration, which will undoubtedly exude with pageantry, prayer and proclamation. The Presiding Bishop will be the Chief Consecrator and Preacher at this liturgy. We now know that there will be a choir of one hundred voices backed by a brass ensemble enhancing our worship experience that day. I invite you to try to arrive a little early to prepare yourself for this liturgy in the ambience of the prelude offerings by, among others, a brass ensemble, the St. Peter’s Youth Choir from Geneva, and an Indian classical dance! Thanks for keeping me and my family in your prayers as we prepare for this incredibly momentous experience with you. Please come with a sense of anticipation to renew your own commitment to yourself, your loved ones, your community and your Church.

I hope and pray that this liturgy and the events around it will be a great public witness to God’s amazing grace when we stand together with Katharine, our Presiding Bishop, as saints of The Episcopal Church in the United States at such a time as this. I also hope this celebration will help each of us to reaffirm our commitment to Jesus Christ and the sacred trust of ministry we share. I thank you for your active prayers and preparation for this event. As we give thanks for the ministry you have shared with Linda and Jack, Roja and I come to you with great anticipation to live into God’s new future as the risen Christ empowers us in these challenging times. Beloved, I continue to marvel at the privilege of being called to serve Christ with you. I hold you all dearly in my prayers.

Yours in Christ’s enduring love,