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General Convention Begins in Utah

Please keep our deputation in your prayers

SALT LAKE CITY - The 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church begins on June 25 - meaning that deputies and staff of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester will soon travel to Utah to participate in the Church's triannual governance meeting. Highlights include election of a new Presiding Bishop, to be held June 27. General Convention concludes on July 3. 

News Sources

In addition to the diocean homepage, you can read Rochester-related updates on the EDOR Deputation Blog. National sources for news include Episcopal News Service, The Living Church and Center Aisle.

Prayer List

Clerical : House of Deputies

The Reverend Canon C. Denise Yarbrough
The Reverend J. Brad Benson
The Reverend Lance Robbins
The Reverend Christopher Streeter

Lay: House of Deputies

Susan Woodhouse
Neil D. Houghton
Susan B. Hartney
Carl Johengen

Our Provisional Deputies (aka Alternate Deputies), in order, are:


The Reverend Paul Frolick
The Reverend Kit Tobin
The Reverend Michael Hartney


Marlene Allen
Sarah Peters
Joan Mistretta

Bishops: House of Bishops

Bishop Prince Singh – VII Bishop of Rochester

Support Staff

Kristy Estey
Matthew Townsend

Executive Council of the Episcopal Church

The Rev. Dahn Gandell