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Day two: Canterbury Cathedral retreat

It was a rich and full day, the second day of retreat at Canterbury Cathedral...
It was a rich and full day, the second day of retreat at Canterbury Cathedral.  We have one more day of retreat tomorrow right here in Kent College, where we stay, after which we move on to other aspects of the conference.  These three days were designed to provide us an opportunity to rest, pray, reflect on meditations, and also interact with other bishops in scheduled settings.  Yesterday\'s reflections were on our need to focus on stewardship to God and the people and colleagiality.
Next week, the schedule will include a regular rhythm of four parts: a bible study in groups of eight, followed by the Indaba (SiZulu word that literally means 'to chew over') engagement in groups of about forty around the theme of the day.  After lunch we will have opportunities to attend optional self-select groups and in the evening attend 'fringe events.'  These fringe events are by invitation only.  The spouses have a program with a few similarities and themes unique to their life and witness. 
The highlight for me was meeting with several informal groups of people to dream about possibilities of learning from each other to create a more wholesome communion.  I had the privilege of engaging about three groups of three or more in the last twenty four hours.  These have been amazing. 
I am not sure I will blog over the weekend; think I will take it easy...
Hope the ball game was wonderful.  We offer thanks to Les et al., for taking the lead on this.  Have a lovely weekend!

My prayers are with you all constantly.

VIII Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Rochester