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Pictured here is Barbara Fowler, Episcopal Relief & Development coordinator for St. Thomas, Bath, and the Very Rev\'d J. Brad Benson, dean of the Diocese of Rochester Southeast District holding checks from the nine parishes of the district.  The district set as its 2010 goal to raise $5,000 for a water well in Nicaragua. Well, they didn\'t raise that amount, they raised $6,000. This project came about after members of the Southeast District raised over $5,000 for ER&D’s Nets for Life in 2009 and saw that a water well project was an option in the 2010 Gifts for Life Catalog.

The Southeast District is in the southern tier of the Diocese of Rochester, and consists of 9 rural parishes. Most of the District is economically challenged, but when it comes to their generosity they aren’t lacking. Most of the parishes had to get creative in order to raise the money they wanted. St. Luke’s in Branchport passed around empty water bottles and asked their parishioners to go around collecting dimes, which they managed to collect over 4,000 of. The district is in the process of planning their project for 2011 but is also hoping to work with the ER&D on seeing the well build project from start to finish.

Christ Church, Corning - $1024.30
Church of the Redeemer, Addison - $400.00
Good Shepherd, Savona - $1044.00
St. James, Hammondsport - $1200.00
St. James, Watkins Glen - $200.50
St. John\'s, Catharine - $178.00
St. Luke\'s, Branchport - $400.00
St. Mark\'s, Penn Yan - $703.89
St. Thomas, Bath - $849.61
TOTAL: $6,000


The Episcopal Diocese of Rochester is dedicated to providing a radically inclusive community where we strive to build mission and ministry in our local community and in the greater world.