Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
Joy in Christ, as a way of life

As you enter the season of Lent, engage the reality of Good Friday

March 1, 2009

Dear saints,

February 2 marked the first anniversary of my election as your bishop. Much has happened since then to all of us. I am grateful to my family for their faith in God and me in moving out of a comfortable and mostly warmer suburb of New Jersey to this amazing winter wonderland. Winter is bleak here, isn’t it?! What have I been up to since I came to be your Ordinary, which incidentally is one my favorite titles for a bishop? The list is long and quite rich, from congregational visitations to Lambeth, from the House of Bishops to vacation with the family, from the installation of Deans to working with Clergy, Vestries, Councils, Commissions, and Committees, from working with Canons and staff at D-House to the one-on-one encounters with many a saint, from standing with migrant farm workers to sitting to listen to you, from Ordinations to interventions, from times of laughter to times of grief, from euphoria of the honeymoon to engagement of the “real thing”…the list is quite long.

I enjoy most of what I do and am grateful for all the support I receive through prayer, acts of generous love, the amazing respect and reverence directed to this office, which I take as an earnest indication of the desire for all that is good and holy. By June of ‘09, I will have visited every congregation in this Diocese at least once. I am getting around and getting to know you. I am sure you are getting to know me, too. I am starting a blog on our Diocesan website and while I don’t promise elaborate interactions, I intend to read your insights and address them as I see fit. Please check it out at www.episcopalrochester.org

As you enter the season of Lent, engage the reality of Good Friday, and live into the hope of Easter, may your life be truly enriched! In the midst of all that pronounces despair around us, let us remember we are resurrection people!

Your servant in Christ,