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Statement from Province II Bishops on the Earthquake in Haiti

We the Bishops of Province II of The Episcopal Church were gathered for our
annual retreat when we learned of the great earthquake in Port-au-Prince,
Haiti. Having spent our 2008 retreat in that country, we were already very
conscious of the desperate situation of the Haitian people and of our
Diocese of Haiti.

This new disaster which has injured and killed so great a
number touches us very deeply. Haiti is the poorest nation of the hemisphere
and therefore the less able to cope with such a catastrophe.

Our brother Bishop Zaché Duracin had not been able to attend our retreat
this year, and we learned with relief that he is unscathed. However, we have
reports that his wife Marie-Édithe has been injured and their family home
destroyed. It appears also that one of the Roman Catholic bishops of
Port-au-Prince was killed when his office collapsed during the earthquake.
Along with the great number of Haitian expatriates and all those who have
loved ones and friends there, we await news of them with impatience and
worry, including the Episcopal missionaries who do extraordinary work in
that country.

We ask therefore that the faithful of our dioceses, as well as all people of
good will, pray for this people devastated by yet another cataclysm, that
they will know the mercy and comfort of the Holy Trinity. To support
immediately our brother Bishop Duracin in the work of reconstruction, we
pledge at least $10,000 from our own resources. We ask our members to join
in these efforts by giving to Episcopal Relief and Development.

The efficiency of Episcopal Relief and Development in helping people in
these crises is well known. They will update their website, www.er-d.org as
they receive fresh information. They are currently accepting donations to
the Haiti Fund (https://www.er-d.org/donate-select.php) to support this

The Diocese of Haiti is the largest in The Episcopal Church. The efforts of
their clergy and laity to proclaim and live out the Good News of Jesus
Christ have in the past earned our profound admiration. Now that they have
suffered yet another calamity, may the Holy Spirit give us the strength and
resources to meet their new needs.


Bishop Gladstone Adams

Bishop Mark Beckwith

Bishop George Councell

Bishop Michael Garrison

Bishop William Love

Bishop Larry Provenzano

Bishop Prince Singh

Bishop Mark Sisk

Bishop Pierre Whalon