Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
Joy in Christ, as a way of life

A saint is someone the light shines through

October 30, 2008

Dear saints,

Greetings in Christ, our eternal hope! Thank you for a memorable first convention with you. The loveliness of gathering as a family was incredibly precious and energizing. Thank you again for the genuine warmth of your reception to us as a family.

As we celebrate the feast of All Saints we find our encouragement in the memory of those who have gone before us into God’s eternal rest. The faith of those who fought to overcome personal and societal ills during their earthly pilgrimage and those who brought lasting joy to the Church is a constant reminder to us that God’s faithfulness is ours to claim for our time. We are indeed surrounded by the seen and unseen cloud of witnesses who compass us about. We are encouraged that nothing can separate us from the love of God. We are also commissioned to be available as radiant witnesses of Christ in us the hope of glory. As one little boy observed after looking at a stained glass window, “A saint is someone the light shines through.”

In these fearful times, I invite you to embrace this radiant hope. On another note, in regard to the monetary concerns raised by the convention, please know that the remembered Diocesan Council, in these unprecedented times will continue to monitor the situation and deal with it as necessary. We will do this together and we will do it out of our faith, not our fear. I invite you to keep this process in your prayer as we discern it and lay it out. You are certainly in my prayer as you make adjustments at home.

We would also like to remind you that in the next few months Diocesan Council will meet, not at D-House, but in your area. We will send out a schedule and locations for these late in November. These will be listening opportunities to hear your hopes and aspirations especially in this climate of fear. Please make sure you and your congregants (especially your youth!) are aware of these intentional listening sessions. They will be open to ALL your members and we hope you will promote them in every possible way. Remember to pray and play, and don’t forget to VOTE!

Peace, Prince

PS: since some of you asked for it, we are attaching the substance of my sermon from the Saturday Eucharist (October 25, 2008) at Diocesan Convention