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Safe Church Training & NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention (NYS Training coming in 2019)

All Churches and separate organizations with employees (Clergy and/or Lay) must have adopted the NYS Sexual Harassment Policy by Oct. 9, 2018. 

Parish Sexual Harassment NYS Prevention Policy.docx

Mission Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

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New for 2019

NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Required Annually for all Employees: 2019 Training Dates to be announced spring 2019. 


Safe Church: Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Awareness

The policy of the Diocese of Rochester is that all clergy, church employees, and many other lay leaders must have training in both child sexual abuse awareness and adult misconduct prevention. Information about currently scheduled training opportunities is described below. 

For those who did this training in years past, the focus has shifted from identifying certain behaviors to proactive development of ways to create safe places for all of us. Please see the Safe Church Policies and Procedures below for a list of those who require training. We ask that you refresh your training every five years. Online and in-person trainings are fully interchangeable. 

Online Training Now Has Easy Registration

Below you will find instructions for enrolling and logging in to training as well as helpful hints to ensure you retain the information presented in the courses. If you have any questions along the way, contact your parish Safe Training administrator. You may also contact Praesidium technical support at support@praesidiuminc.com or 817-801-7773.

If you have never done Safe Church Training before or have forgotten your login credentials: 

  1. Go to website.PraesidiumInc.com/enroll.
  2. Enter the registration code: edroch1
  3. Fill out the form and click the link to enroll.
  4. Print the page or write down your user login and password for future reference.
  5. To begin taking training immediately, click the link or follow the instructions to the right to login later.

If you know your login credentials: 

  1. Go to www.safeguardingonline.org and click the link at the bottom.
  2. Enter your user login and password. Then click Login.
  3. Click on the course image or title to begin. 

Top Tips for Training

First Time Training Requirements

  • Meet Sam

  • It Happened to Me

  • Keeping Your Church Safe

  • Diocesan Policies

  • Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers


Required Refresher every 5 years

  • Abuse Prevention Refresher & Diocesan Policies 



1. Right Place, Right Time

Set the right conditions for learning. Create an environment with no interruptions, no phone calls, and no distractions. Set aside 30-45 minutes for each course so you do not have to hurry.

2. Take Your Time

Have patience and take your time. Read carefully to make sure you fully understand the content. Rather than rushing through the training, plan to complete only one or two courses each time you login so you can really absorb what you’ve learned. If you need to pause and continue training later, the course will start again from the section where you left off.

3. Follow the Arrows

When it’s time to move to the next page, an arrow will appear at the bottom right corner. When prompted, click the arrow to move forward.

4. Think About It

Finally, pause and think about what you are learning. roughout the course, think about how you can apply what you are learning to your own position. We know that with proper concentration you can understand and apply what you learn. When you pass the quiz at the end of the course, you will earn credit. 

If you are a parish Safe Church administrator or rector and need help, contact Carolyn McConnell 585-473-0903.

Diocesan Policies & Forms