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News on St. Philip's Episcopal Church, Belmont

The Allegany Board of Legislators and the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester are pleased to announce an agreement in principal for the sale/transfer of several Diocesan properties in Belmont to Allegany County Government. The properties include the Parish Hall, Murray House, and the Episcopal Church along with the adjoining parking lot. The Diocese and representatives from Allegany County Government jointly negotiated the transaction for these particular properties in the hopes of repurposing the facilities for continued and evolving community needs.


The County intends to utilize the Parish Hall as the new Allegany County Elections Office.  The current facility has served its purpose but the expanded expectations for the Elections Office will require new and revamped quarters.  The new facility will have ample off-street parking, ADA accessibility, and will provide the county with needed space to conduct Early Voting requirements beginning in October 2019.


The church itself will be repurposed to provide much needed meeting space for County and community needs.  The facility is ideally located to address a variety of real and perceived needs moving forward.  It will serve as the training facility for election poll workers, provide walkable meeting/training options for county departments, and has the ability to address other departmental and community needs moving forward.  It is the intent of the Board of Legislators to maintain as much of the historical integrity and sense of community as possible.  The Episcopal Church in Belmont has been a fixture in the community since 1865 and it would be the Board’s intent to preserve and honor that presence to the fullest extent possible.


The plans for Murray House are incomplete at this point but preliminary considerations include returning this property to the Belmont Village tax rolls.  


What do these sales/transfers mean for our Diocese?  Bishop Singh is beginning to discuss with our local clergy in that region where proceeds will best be invested to continue the work of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester in Allegany County.