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Joy in Christ, as a way of life


As Ash Wednesday begins the Lenten season,
IamEpiscopalian.org shares faith stories, personal thoughts

Sisters laughingly talk about growing up, growing away and growing back to The Episcopal Church. A prison chaplain calls The Episcopal Church a thinking church. One person shares that he joined The Episcopal Church decades ago because the girls were cute.

Visitors to the IamEpiscopalian.org site are immediately greeted with a welcoming video, enhanced with music by Daron Murphy, a well-known composer.

Developed by the communication office of The Episcopal Church, IamEpiscopalian.org provides a place for people - some famous and some not-so-famous - to share the stories of what excites them about being an Episcopalian.

'With this site we will begin to tell our story as each person relates his or her personal, emotional connection to our Church,' explains Anne Rudig, director of communication. 'Ash Wednesday was chosen for the launch of IamEpiscopalian.org since it is a time for many people to examine their spiritual life and perhaps connect or reconnect with a church. IamEpiscopalian.org shows how others have made those connections.'

As the web site states, 'The Episcopal Church is a big, colorful, vibrant church. We hope you will see that in the wide spectrum of its members represented here on this site. In our Church you may touch ancient traditions and experience intelligent inquiry.'

The video vignettes, 30 - 60 seconds each, reflect that 'big, colorful vibrant' church by focusing on the joys, gifts, and the challenges facing The Episcopal Church. As noted on the web site, 'Our controversies and conversations have been public. Our governance is transparent. You are free to see our imperfections, as well as share our joy in that which unites us - our openness, honesty, and faith.'

IamEpiscopalian.org will continue to grow throughout Lent as videos are invited for anyone to express the richness of The Episcopal Church in their own personal way.