Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
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Diocesan leadership comes together to discuss strategy, vision

Lyn at Meeting

In the first Joint Meeting of Diocesan Council, Standing Committee and Trustees on Jan. 12, 2013, members of these diocesan leadership teams, Bishop Prince Singh and the Bishop’s staff discussed the strategy and vision of the Diocese of Rochester in this year and the years to come. As part of their conversation, the groups examined their canonical duties in the Diocese.

Standing Committee:

  • Bishop’s Council of Advice
  • In the absence of a Bishop, the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese
  • Along with the Bishop, must approve any action that may encumber the real property & equipment of the church (including all loans)
  • Along with the Bishop, must approve indebtedness for current expenses in excess of 20% of the previous year’s receipts for current expenses
  • Along with the Bishop, must approve candidates for Holy Orders

Diocesan Council:

  • Executive body that performs the work of the Diocese committed to it by Convention
  • Assists the Bishop to implement new work between Conventions
  • Formulates the annual budget and distributes funds accordingly
  • Establishes the apportionment to be paid by each Parish & Mission to support he Diocesan Budget, and presents to Convention for approval
  • Organizes Departments and shall determine the scope and power of each
  • Requests reports/statements from Parishes & Missions as needed to complete its work


  • General powers, duties & responsibilities set forth by Section 5 of Religious Corporations Law of the State of NY
  • Prudent management of the assets of the Diocese (real and personal property, cash, investments, etc.), administered in accordance with the rules of the Diocese, for its support and maintenance