Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
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Diocesan House Sabbath Time

Diocesan House Sabbath Time

Mark 2.27:
Then he said to them, ‘The sabbath was made for humankind, and not humankind for the sabbath.\'

The Diocesan House celebrates a Sabbath time every Wednesday from 11:30 to noon. This time of spiritual renewal will be observed by members of the Diocesan House in different ways. The staff at Diocesan house will focus on their own spiritual renewal and not on their work. Phone calls will be sent to Voice Mail. There will be a Eucharist offered during this time in the Chapel. All are invited.

In an article entitled 'Keeping the Sabbath: Reviving a Christian Practice' by Dorothy C. Bass, she describes the practice of Sabbath keeping as a gift just waiting to be unwrapped, a confirmation that we are not without help in shaping the renewing ways of life for which we long. But none of us can sustain Sabbath keeping whenever it happens, all by ourselves. Dorothy says we need mutuality in this practice, which resists our ordinary patterns in so many ways. We need to help one another discover this gift. Sabbath time can anchor a way of life that makes a difference every day by helping us to remember who we really are and what is really important.

Please join us in person or wherever you are in this practice of Sabbath Keeping.

The Rev. Julie Cicora - Chaplain to Diocesan House