Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
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Deputation Reflections: June 25

The Rev. Chris Streeter, Deputy

"Tuesday was spent registering and acclimating to our new home for the next 11 days. We are blessed by the presence and ministry of Saint Kristy, a member of the Bishop’s staff, who is providing hospitality throughout our stay. Again, what a gift to focus on being a deputy, and not standing around in long lines waiting for a sandwich or coffee. Thank you, Kristy! I spent most of Tuesday evening reviewing the Virtual Binder, our I-Pad based software containing all the documents and schedules of Convention. Everything is updated in real time, so even on Tuesday I found items that had not been included in the previously published blue book reports. Since this was our only light day, I convinced Paul to accompany me on a pilgrimage I have been planning ever since I learned I would be coming out West. [Pictured]"


The Rev. Michael Hartney, Legislative Aid

"No time for dinner then … so it was back to my legislative committee until well after 9 pm. One of the issues debated in committee tonight was the woeful funding provided to the national effort on anti-racism training across the church. It was only $2000 for 2013-2015. $2000! I think that the committee will recommend it to be increased to $120,000 for 2016-2018. That’s quite a jump, but given the tragic circumstances around the nation in the last six months … anti-racism training would seem to be an apt focus of the Episcopal Church."


The Rev. Lance Robbins, Deputy

"Next we revised the Rules of the House. There are 513 sentences and paragraphs to the Rules. (Not a typo, I’m serious). Passed many amendments. Of note, an amendment passed where we join in the pain, grief, and sorrow with families and friends of those who died in Charleston, SC. We stand in solidarity with the people of Emanual Church."